How to Draw: Exercises for Skill Development (Paperback)

How to Draw: Exercises for Skill Development By Karen Deloach Cover Image
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This curriculum was developed through over 35 years of learning and teaching. It has proven effective for learners of all ages and various skill levels. It is however, specifically designed for beginners, individually or in groups. It endeavors to facilitate the ability to draw from life and has never failed to bring improvement for each person who has practiced these exercises. It is filled with illustrations and photographs to make the steps clear and the progression evident. It is my experienced belief that ANYONE CAN LEARN TO DRAW

100% of students who have worked them has improved.

I am a perfect example. I was a struggling art student desperate to have my skills improved enough to accomplish my goals as a portrait painter. I studied, finished college, got tutoring and ultimately was able to achieve my desired proficiency. I never stop learning and growing and have the means to do so through the practice of these exercises.
I have taught and refined this book to make it more streamlined, simplified and as effective as possible. It has been used for individuals and groups of children ages 6-19 and adults of all ages; in homeschools, co-ops, my own studio and in college classes.
I guarantee results for all who try it.

You can dream, therefore you can draw

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ISBN: 9781733857000
ISBN-10: 1733857001
Publisher: Earthen Vessels Art Studio
Publication Date: April 16th, 2019
Pages: 102
Language: English