Little Bird Bible: Philippians Retweeted: The Good News Short, Tweet, & to the Point (Abridged / Paperback)

Little Bird Bible: Philippians Retweeted: The Good News Short, Tweet, & to the Point By Jarrod Branson Conyers Cover Image
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Philippians Retweeted

Using the modern language of emojis and the contemporary design of a social media page, the Book of Philippians has never been so approachable, engaging, fun, and easy to read.

Designed with the 21st Century reader in mind, each Little Bird Bible book is a short paraphrase translation that applies:

  • Gender-inclusive language
  • Inline pronunciation guides
  • Character biographies
  • 140-character chapter summaries
  • Emotive religious icons
  • Emoji word pictures ❤️⏳⚠️

to simplify and enhance the Bible reading experience.

This Retweeted version of Philippians, formatted like a social media page, inserts a number of side conversations parallel to the original text froma theologically diverse cast of historic philosophers and thinkerswho debate and discuss the meaning and significance of key passages. Further, the Retweeted version is seasoned with a series of built in reflection questions and hashtag prompts, to best bring the discussion and interpretation of the sacred text into an ongoing open online dynamic discussion. Readers who would like a more straight-forward reading of the book without these inline living footnotes should check out the Abridged versionof this book.

Of all the letters the Apostle Paul wrote, Philippians is the most personal and the most joyous. From start to finish joy fills each page, even though the author is in prisonawaiting trial at the time he wrote it. Experience all the hope, conviction, and passion this book offers in a whole new Little Bird way.

Young adult and teenage readers will enjoy the union of Scripture with emojis, while readers who do not have time to read a traditional Bible will appreciate this translation's brevity. Little Bird Bible books are the perfect way to introduce the major themes and teachings of Scripture to readers new to the Bible, while also appealing to long time avid Bible readers with a fresh interpretation and added unique multidisciplinary commentary. We hope you enjoy Philippians.

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ISBN: 9781733512206
ISBN-10: 1733512209
Abridged: Yes
Publisher: Little Bird Bible LLC
Publication Date: May 21st, 2019
Pages: 80
Language: English