American Hygge: How You Can Incorporate Coziness Into Your Living Space and Bring Warmth to Your Relationships Without Moving to Denma (Paperback)

American Hygge: How You Can Incorporate Coziness Into Your Living Space and Bring Warmth to Your Relationships Without Moving to Denma By Melanie Morgan Cover Image
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Hygge Is Not About Candles

You can feel hygge without candles, woolen socks or a fireplace. It's about something more.

"By embracing hygge, you can make every moment in life meaningful and learn how to best take care of yourself."

Danes are not happy because they wear loose clothes. There's more to it. You know it. If scented candles made people happy, nobody today would be depressed. I want to show you, what it is actually about.

"Hygge is the embodiment of that feeling you experience around Christmas time when everything has a sense of a magical glow around it and when everyone you love is around."

I'm sure you have experienced that feeling. It feels wonderful. Love is in the air. Everybody is enjoying their time. Your family is together, united. What if you could maintain that feeling all year round?

"Hygge is applied all throughout the year, and not just during Christmas time."

Sounds wonderful, right? Would you like to know how to achieve it?

Let me show you what's in this book:

  • 7 simple rules that are essential to experience hygge
  • Why it doesn't matter how many candles you have
  • 7 timeless principles Danes live by to stay happy and fulfilled in their relationships
  • An ancient Jewish concept that will help you find more peace and silence
  • The most common mistake that kills hygge instantly and how to avoid it
  • A simple action you can take to experience hygge wherever you are
  • A forgotten family activity that will bring your loved ones together
  • And much more...

I'm sure you already know something about hygge. Otherwise, you wouldn't be here. You read some blogs, maybe you even bought some books. But your life didn't improve.

I want to change that.

This book is designed to change your life. It explains what actually makes Danes happy, the essence of their happiness, the art of hygge. It will help you feel more peace and joy in your life.

It works for them. Why wouldn't it for you.

Please value your time

If you want to experience more hygge in your life, more peace, more connection to your family, and less stress in your day to day life, please don't wait. Every second of your time is precious and should be spent living hygge. Click the BUY NOW button right now to discover what you've been missing out on the entire time.

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