How To Analyze People: Analyzing Energy Vampires (Paperback)

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Here's What Energy Vampires Can Do to You and How to Defend Yourself

Do you have a friend, a coworker or an acquaintance that literally leaves you drained after every single interaction?

You could be dealing with an energy vampire.

Energy vampires want your attention all the time. Everything is about them. At the same time, they're charismatic enough to keep their magnetic pull on you.

Realizing that you're dealing with an energy vampire and defending yourself from their influence can be particularly challenging.

Do you often interact with a person who:

  • Always seems to be involved in some kind of drama
  • Refuses to take responsibility for their actions and the subsequent consequences of those
  • Has narcissistic tendencies and doesn't like to share the spotlight
  • Always diminishes your problems to direct attention towards theirs
  • Has the uncanny ability to turn situations against you
  • Uses guilt-tripping to get what they want?

If the answer is "yes" to at least a few of those, chances are that you're dealing with an energy vampire.

Sooner or later, the negative vibes will get to be too much. At that time, you should start planning an exit from the relationship and a strategy to protect your emotional energy.

You see, energy vampires don't like to lose. Thus, detaching yourself will take willpower, strength and a ton of intelligence.

In How to Analyze People, you will discover:

  • What an energy vampire exactly is and how to recognize one
  • The 6 types of energy vampires and what makes each one dangerous
  • Ways in which energy vampires pinpoint and target emotionally vulnerable people
  • 9 surefire ways to recognize an energy vampire
  • The #1 way in which energy vampires manipulate and take control of your inner strength
  • Ways in which language can be used as a weapon to get you doing whatever an energy vampire wants
  • Is it possible to "defeat" an energy vampire with compassion?
  • Plus 12 additional strategies to protect yourself
  • Just how powerful a smile can be, even when you're dealing with emotionally manipulative and narcissistic individuals

And a lot more

Living with an energy vampire can quickly lead to the loss of your identity, your strength and your uniqueness.

This is why you need to take action as soon as you feel that something's wrong.

Energy vampires do exist and they often play important roles in our lives. When you're dealing with a parent or a significant other who's draining your energy, leaving the situation isn't always feasible.

You will have to master coping techniques that will help you protect your energy. Also, kindness and respect could help you turn the situation around and allow an energy vampire to see the light.

There's no need to accept the current situation as a given.

Your life could be much better once you start protecting your emotionality and your inner peace.

It's time to start putting yourself first. Energy vampires can manipulate, threaten and guilt you into doing things but the time has come for a change. If you want to block the harmful energy of an energy vampire and have more meaningful relationships in your life, scroll up and click the "Add to Cart" button now.

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