The Edris Compendium - Cosplay Edition (Hardcover)

The Edris Compendium - Cosplay Edition By Thomas Took Edwards Cover Image
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"Throughout your journey across these strange lands, you will encounter savage beasts and colossal monsters; dangerous plants as well as tasty ones you'd be foolish to miss; and weather unlike anything you may have seen on Earth. This catalogue was crafted out of a travel diary, featuring artwork of the people, places, fauna, and flora, or the Jinimaru/Feles homeworld of Edris. " - This book is a guide about the entire new Feles Civilisation and Edris Ecosystem; it is a book given to new arrivals as part of a Welcome Package. The "Cosplay Edition" of the book has been designed to mimic how it would look to those on Edris that received it in their welcome pack, unlike the standard edition which was made to match the "Beginners Guide to Jinimaru" book. - Based around the Feles home-world of Edris, the Compendium is choc-full of artwork drawn by explorers of the various flora, fauna and alien scenery ranging from modern architecture to the ruins of the past Feles Civilisation. Notes, illustrations and helpful information for the aspiring Alien tourist or newly re-homed Human or Jinimaru can be found in the Edris Compendium, to help ensure both they and the alien world they visit remain safe and happy. - CONTENT WARNING: This book features minor mentionings of intolerance, drug-use, sex workers, and genocide. There is a frequent mentioning of harm against creatures and violence against others.

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ISBN: 9781716346002
ISBN-10: 1716346002
Publication Date: December 10th, 2020
Pages: 270
Language: English