Sacred Energy eXchange (Paperback)

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What do we need to learn and unlearn about sex? It's exciting to see the Sacred Energy eXchange, perspective coming more into mainstream thought. People may be drawn to these practices hoping to enhance their sexual satisfaction. Although it does do an amazing job of improving what you already have experienced and enjoy. It also takes sexuality to another dimension entirely. You we have experiences beyond "normal".SACRED ENERGY eXCHANGE, is much more than a sexual teaching. Its actually Self learning, S.E.X. practice can transform every aspect of your life. This book is designed to help you expand your physical health, vitality, emotional healing, expression, psychic sensitivity, creativity, productivity and abundance. It's not unusual for someone to tell me, after a few months of sacred involvement that he or she feels like a different person. They are less stressed, more in tuned to themselves and others, more comfortable, and much happier.Coach "VEE" Veronica L. Walton is uniquely qualified to be a major sacred sex communicator, to be the means through which this message goes forward within her tribe, and to a broad population. Through her studies and research, she speaks directly of sexual matters, but also appreciates the deeper potential of unconditional love.In this little book Coach Vee has packed an overview of suggestions and specific exercises you can practice, to begin your personal exploration. Sacred Sex is a spiritual path, leading to self-discovery. You are more magnificent than you realize. If you have the courage to start all over and do something new, this book will guide you through your first steps on your new sexual journey.

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ISBN: 9781686242434
ISBN-10: 1686242433
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: October 19th, 2019
Pages: 122
Language: English