The Baby Chronicles: Where You Were Before You Were (Hardcover)

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The Baby Chronicles is the story behind the scenes of creation of four "pre-born" baby girls who eventually meet in the US Army: Beverley, Emmaline, Joyce, and Margarette Ann. Although many of the pre-borns you meet are excited about the prospect of having an "Earth assignment," at least three of the main four would rather stay in Heaven with Abba. They don't want to carry out their mission on Earth, especially with the families they have been assigned to. If you have ever wondered where you were before you existed on Earth this book will give you pause to think of the possibilities you had before you were even born.

About the Author

Beatrice Bruno is a follower of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. A born-again Christian, Beatrice has served in various capacities in Christian organizations for over 25 years. She has edited multiple Christian authors and written five books motivational, Christian living, and now, Christian fiction."

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ISBN: 9781683500834
ISBN-10: 1683500830
Publisher: Morgan James Fiction
Publication Date: March 7th, 2017
Pages: 302
Language: English