Keeping It Real on Commercial Real Estate: The Right Answers to all your Real Estate Questions (Paperback)

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Todd Nepola's highly anticipated book, "Keeping it Real on Commercial Real Estate" will answer all the questions investors need answered. Nepola is a seasoned veteran with over 25 year of experience as an investor, manager and developer. Over the years people have asked Todd questions about getting started in investing, and he realized that, many times, would-be investors ask the wrong questions, and do not focus in on what should be asked. This leads to to them not investing at all. You will find that Nepola's book contains all the questions that should be asked, and then answered! Todd has found that far too many people don't execute their goals of owning investment real estate due because they lack professional guidance. This book seeks to answer all the questions you would need answered for you to make that investment. Not only will you be reading about how and what to buy, you will also be guided through the loan process, expectations of ownership and how to manage the property, tenant issues and how to add value to the property, refinancing tips and should you hold or sell?

This is a book about investing in commercial real estate. It's not flipping or wholesaling homes, it is for the reader who wants to understand all their options, the plusses and minuses of each option and guide you in the next steps to be successful. Todd discusses the options of buying on your own, partnering up with others, syndication, as well as the public markets.
Todd's desire to give back on all he has learned over the years is evident in that the books proceeds will all be donated to charity. The intention is to not only give back to good causes, but also to show the reader that Todd is passionate about helping others get started in this amazing field and start producing cash flow and security for your future. Read the book cover to cover or use it as a guide specific to your areas of interest. Either way, you will find the answers to the most important questions investors need answered!

Todd Nepola is the owner of Current Capital Management based in South Florida with a portfolio of retail and industrial properties throughout the state. With over 25 years in the field and numerous awards received, Todd is an expert who has not only been on the investor side, he also operates numerous properties as a manager.

About the Author

Todd T. Nepola
As President and founder of Current Capital Group, Mr. Nepola is responsible for the company's vision and long-term strategic plans.
Mr. Nepola follows three generations of real estate investors and developers of commercial real estate. His paternal great-grandfather came to Manhattan from Italy in 1899. He was a superintendent for over 40 years responsible for building the Holland tunnel and several of Manhattan's subway lines. Mr. Nepola's grandfather and father also were real estate investors and developers.
Mr. Nepola graduated from the University of South Florida in 1994. While pursuing a career in Investment Banking, Mr. Nepola followed in his family's footsteps and started acquiring investment properties and developing properties for himself.
After a decade of buying, building, leasing and managing his own properties, Todd made a decision to open up his own firm. With properties throughout Florida, Mr. Nepola has opened a second office in Port St Lucie, FL in order to be even more accessible.
He has been recognized as a winner of CoStars "Power Broker" award, in addition to being a member of the international council of shopping centers (ICSC). With over two decades of "hands-on" experience in acquisitions, development, leasing and management of commercial real estate, Mr. Nepola is proud to lead Current Capital Group.
Mr. Nepola resides in Miami Fl with his wife Alexia Nepola and is the proud father of two beautiful daughters. He is active in social and philanthropic organizations within the area. In addition, he is an active triathlete and a finisher of the Ironman triathlon.

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