Phantom Fathers: The Maggie Barnes Trilogy (Paperback)

Phantom Fathers: The Maggie Barnes Trilogy By Mary Vandergoot Cover Image
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Another story about Maggie Barnes and her family. By digging into online genealogy records and talking with their chatty Aunt Lillian, Maggie's children discover the World War II struggles of their paternal grandparents and their silent father, Ross. It's not a story to make kids proud. They find it easier to be critical of their flawed family and assume the next generation will do better. Like an autopsy, Phantom Fathers exposes the problems of this thinking. Soon enough these critical children will be the parents of their own adult children, and they will have their day in court. As Maggie's children discover the trauma that tore through their father's life and the way their grandparents dealt with it--brutal events during World War II, desperate decisions that fractured the family, and a dishonorable emigration to the United States--they wonder if they could have done better under the circumstances. Ross's silence begins to make sense. Most surprising are events that stir the sympathy of disappointed children and open the way to admitting the truth about imperfect ancestors..

About the Author

Mary VanderGoot is a psychologist and marriage and family therapist. She has been a professor of psychology, a prison educator, and a caseworker for International Red Cross Services for tracing missing persons. She is the author of After Freedom: How Boomers Pursued Freedom, Questioned Virtue, and Still Search for Meaning (2012), Broken Glass (2019), and A Certain Slant (2020).

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ISBN: 9781666737035
ISBN-10: 1666737038
Publisher: Resource Publications (CA)
Publication Date: July 18th, 2022
Pages: 272
Language: English