You Only See My Beauty But, You Don't Know My Story, Novel 1: Piece By Piece (Paperback)

You Only See My Beauty But, You Don't Know My Story, Novel 1: Piece By Piece By Stacy Amewoyi Cover Image
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This project unveils one of my deepest scars, the scare of not having a physical father fighter . I write this in honor and representation of children and families that have suffered the damages of an absent father. By urging people to reflect on history and its impact on generations, and preaching the beauty and evil sides of love, they plunged into hot-selling territory these days. Her new series on parenting in MISSING FATHERS is already at the forefront of the debate on the pertinent question of how many children are vulnerable and lack family love. As well as infusing the history of Ghana from the early 60's to the late 80's and up to the present day, the decisions made by the presidents of Ghana, through Nigeria to other parts of the world that have created hardships for some of our children. I catch Many in this generation have to feel paternal ties (or, even better, parental love). Stacy Amewoyi is a Ghanaian-born entrepreneur, author and a philanthropist. She is based the United States of America. She grew up as an orphan, but through her perseverance and deep faith in God, she established herself as a change agent in her community.

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ISBN: 9781662866531
ISBN-10: 1662866534
Publisher: Xulon Press
Publication Date: February 13th, 2023
Pages: 250
Language: English