Tombstones To Cornerstones: Hope and Help For Churches In Stress and Decline (Paperback)

Tombstones To Cornerstones: Hope and Help For Churches In Stress and Decline By Rick Krug, Jessica Knapp Cover Image
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About Tombstones to Cornerstones

Many churches face hard times for many reasons, and while struggling to make the right decision for each unique congregation, many church leaders are finding the future is far less certain than ever before. The search for congregational identity, what to do with the church properties that when first developed were worth a fraction of what they are now, and how to serve a rapidly changing social and economic demographic have many congregations wondering if they should even exist at all.

To help bring the hope of God back to the people, Rick Krug and Jessica Knapp bring insights and admonitions designed to help churches and their leaders navigate the unknown future. Tombstones To Cornerstones: Hope and Help For Churches In Stress and Decline is an excellent eye-opening resource to raise awareness to the challenges churches can face and the helpful guidance churches can gain from the author's thoughtful research, personal experiences, and truly viable options for God-honoring decisions forward.


God's church is eternal. She doesn't die. Congregations, however, do. This book is not another three-step turnaround manual for a declining church. It is a personal, provocative, and practical journey for the authors who love their heritage and want something more. The language of "finishing and flourishing" is a needed kingdom corrective to the "our church is dying" helplessness posture. Before you etch in stone the date your church dies, read this book, do the work, make tombstone and cornerstone choices. There is hope.

Grady D. King, D. Min President, HOPE Network

Rick Krug has been a Minister, Business founder, and College Instructor and for 20 years, has consulted and coached churches and church leaders seeking direction and vision. Rick holds a Masters from Pepperdine University and is the founder of the Tombstones to Cornerstones ministry dedicated to helping churches in distress.

Jessica Knapp, PhD is currently a church planter in Tucson, AZ. Her specialty is working with at-risk youth and college students. She holds a PhD in Mathematics Education from Arizona State University, and a certificate of Spiritual Leadership from Harding School of Theology. She has mentored students as a college professor, campus minister, and youth minister during her 18+ years of ministry. In 2017, she was part of a church which planted a Tombstone and became a Cornerstone.

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