Sex and Your Stars: A Sexologist's Guide to the Erotic Energy of the Zodiac (Paperback)

Sex and Your Stars: A Sexologist's Guide to the Erotic Energy of the Zodiac By Stefanie Iris Weiss Cover Image
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A shame-smashing, sex-positive, no-holds-barred guide to understanding our desires and relationships―both our gifts and challenges―through astrology

Astrology offers a potent portal to self-inquiry, including into our erotic landscapes, desires, and relationships. In Sex and Your Stars, certified clinical sexologist and astrologer Stefanie Iris Weiss invites us to explore our sexual selves―as complex, confounding, and fulfilling as we are―through the lens of astrology.

“Our astrology chart sets us free to truly know ourselves, to shed our shame, and to explore our erotic energy with others,” she shares. Using a revolutionary approach, Weiss decodes each sign’s sensual profile and helps us activate our sexual potential anew each month as we shift from Aries season to Pisces season over the course of the year. This breakthrough guide helps connect us to our bodies and map our ever-evolving erotic energy.

With keen insight, Weiss reveals the many ways we relate to each sign in our unique astrology chart, and as a season during the year. Subsequent chapters look at desire through Venus, Mars, and Black Moon Lilith, with practices and meditations to embody what we discover. The book can help us:

• Learn more about what turns us on and lights us up
• Give ourselves permission to play and experiment—alone or with others
• Appreciate ourselves just as we are
• Address sensitive topics, including libido, desire differences in relationships, sexual functioning, and religious conditioning
• Enhance communication and connection with partners

This guide to the elemental, archetypal sexual self can help us understand our erotic desires and relationships in ways we may never have allowed ourselves to consider.

About the Author

Stefanie Iris Weiss is a certified clinical sexologist, astrologer, and writer. She has been a resident astrologer for Teen Vogue, ELLE UK, and, writing daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly horoscopes for two decades. Her bylines have appeared in ELLE, Allure, Marie Claire, Bustle, and many more. She is an on-call astrology and sexuality expert for Well+Good and writes a monthly horoscope column for her Substack newsletter, Pleasure Centers, called “On the Erotic Ecliptic.” Sex and Your Stars is her tenth book. Based in New York City, Weiss is online at

Praise For…

“Stefanie Iris Weiss has created an experiential, dynamic, and completely new way to explore and heal our sexuality. This is not just a book; it’s a portal into the way our bodies experience the seasons as they shift and change, using the archetypes of astrology. Weiss reminds us that pleasure is a force for healing ourselves, the people we love, and the Earth itself.” —Annie Sprinkle, PhD, author of The Explorer’s Guide to Planet Orgasm and coauthor of Assuming the Ecosexual Position

Sex and Your Stars skillfully intertwines the scientific and soulful aspects of eroticism and astrology. Sex and Your Stars introduces fresh perspectives, evokes new emotions, and encourages transformative practices through the lens of astrology. This work serves as a vital addition to the astrological canon, providing valuable insights that both inform and inspire without judgment. A compelling read, it offers essential support in reclaiming pleasures and embracing a more vibrant and fully alive existence.” —Colin Bedell, author of A Little Bit of Astrology and Queer Cosmos

Sex and Your Stars is a novel approach to solving sexual dilemmas using the language of astrology. The book shows us how to smash shame, engage with our desires, and choose to prioritize pleasure. A groundbreaking book that should be on the shelves of all sexuality professionals, it introduces innovative tools to help us understand and heal our bodies (and our souls), setting the stage for erotic empowerment and connection.” —Patti Britton, PhD, founder of Sex Coach U and author of The Art of Sex Coaching

“Many of us are looking for ways to understand ourselves better. We want to learn more about our sexual and romantic needs, what we require from a partner in order to feel safe and fulfilled, and how to express our emotions in a healthy manner. We want to be the best partner we can be to the person(s) we love, but we also don’t want to sacrifice too much of ourselves. We want a different approach to our analysis and introspection. Sex and Your Stars offers just that: a different way of thinking, a different set of questions, and a different way to view ourselves, our relationships, and the world. It’s a must-read for the spiritual soul who’s been feeling a little stuck.” —Zachary Zane, author of Boyslut

“Even if you don’t happen to be a keen believer in astrology, Sex and Your Stars is a wise book packed with profound insights, using the frame of our unique erotic archetype as a creative way to explore ourselves as sexual beings. As a sexologist, Ms. Weiss gets it, as evidenced by this quote: ‘Learning what feels good may seem like it should be a “natural” process, but often, it’s buried in layers of shame and societal ideas of what we’re “supposed” to look and feel like, no matter our sexual or gender identity, race, ability, age, or body type.’ Sex and Your Stars can help the reader engage with enthusiasm and playfulness in the quest to restore sexual pleasure as a healing force.” —Nan Wise, PhD, author of Why Good Sex Matters

“Stefanie Iris Weiss has combined her considerable talents as a certified clinical sexologist and professional astrologer to help us forge our own unique path to sexual liberation. The journey to sexual sovereignty begins with shedding shame and finding pleasure in our own bodies. Sex and Your Stars shows us how to use astrological archetypes to move toward erotic embodiment, making space for deep intimacy, transcendent passion, and secure bonds with our lover(s). A delightful read and an important contribution to both astrology and sexology.” —Barbara Carrellas, author of Urban Tantra

“Reading Stefanie Iris Weiss’s Sex and Your Stars is orgasmic in just the way she wants it to be—starting in your brain. As a sexologist and an astrologer, Weiss draws on her expertise, experience, and transformative stories from her client files with concrete steps to move readers past any shame to become more of their true erotic selves. Although you can pick it up and read for your Sun, Moon, or rising sign, you’ll gain much more from reading through the complete book. We have all twelve zodiac signs along with three archetypes of desire (Venus, Mars, and Black Moon Lilith) within us, and Weiss shows us how to bring our whole chart alive in our bodies with a lively and loving touch.” —Sam Reynolds, astrology teacher and consultant

“Combining her decades of experience in both astrology and sexology, Stefanie Iris Weiss has written an illuminating and practical guidebook on how to live a life infused with more pleasure, sensuality, and erotic empowerment. Not only is Sex and Your Stars a stellar treasure for anyone wanting to more fully embrace and align with their passions and desires, but I can see it being an essential resource for astrologers looking for additional ways to help their clients live deeply meaningful and enriching lives.” —Stephanie Gailing, author of The Complete Guide to Living by the Moon

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Publication Date: July 30th, 2024
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