Demon Games, Volume 2: The Game of Love and Evil (Paperback)

Demon Games, Volume 2: The Game of Love and Evil By The Ascendants, Mallow Sheridan Cover Image


In this sequel to the Demon Games I: Dark Messiah, we learn more about life in Hades and the motivators of the Demon Force. The reader has a front row seat to the unveiling of Lucifer's plans for world domination. One of the more gripping scenes finds Almighty and Lucifer reviewing the terms of the Great Game and her 7-year reign on Earth. U.S. Ambassador Janet Jagger and her assistant, Benjamin Hume, travel to D.C. for a top-secret meeting with world leaders to discuss the planet's magnetic pole reversal and the approaching asteroid that threatens life on Earth. Janet is unexpectedly called into the Oval Office to review the Thirteen Mandates for a United World with the President. He immediately sends her to gather information from the Economic Summit in Geneva and the Vatican's Roundtable of Religion in Rome. Demon Kali witnesses the full body possession of Anna Cohen and takes a secret trip to Rome to face her past. Things heat up at the World Summit when Ambassador Jagger receives a mysterious package that places the U.S. Presidency in peril.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781649217431
ISBN-10: 1649217439
Publisher: Self-Published
Publication Date: November 25th, 2020
Pages: 230
Language: English