The Extreme Journey: A Devotional Roadmap For Families On A Mission To Encounter God (based on Modern Awakening Paraphrase) (Paperback)

The Extreme Journey: A Devotional Roadmap For Families On A Mission To Encounter God (based on Modern Awakening Paraphrase) By Danny Steyne Cover Image


Does God speak to us, relevant to our current situations and to the days in which we live? Danny Steyne believes so. He hears from God and has spent time creating a jump start devotional for individuals and families to find that place of real relationship with God. As Danny weaves the stories of the Bible in a way that carries the heartbeat of God it feels like you are reading something that happened yesterday in your neighborhood and not simply something that happened once upon a time. This journey you will go on lasts about six months, if you can read only one day at a time.... but the journey is nevertheless an adventure straight into the heart of God where you will have encounter after encounter with Him as you meditate on His Amazing Goodness through this book. The Extreme Journey is based on the ongoing work of Modern Awakening Paraphrase.MAP (The Modern Awakening Paraphrase) is simply renditions of Scripture intended to encourage a generation to grow in Jesus and to understand that the Bible, which carries thousands of years of history, applies as much to 21st Century as it did to God's people throughout the ages. The language is intended to carry the heart of God in the lives of His Passionate, Loving, Faith-filled people who endure normal struggles, but have purposed to press into that elusive place called Destiny... that is, nevertheless, a reality for everyone who believes in Jesus. It is not a translation, it is simply a paraphrase. My hope is that this will spark interest and questions that will take you directly to the Word of God of which there are several legitimate translations. The Extreme Journey is a devotional to draw you in to that place where you are hungry and thirsty for more of God. Through this book you will travel through many places where you will reset your focus, your travel patterns, and journey towards God in a daily walk. You will learn how to avoid roadblocks, and proceed with passion in places where God is working on your life. You will arrive at destinations that will inspire you, particularly as you begin learning how to read the MAP for yourself. You will focus and meditate and enjoy the meals that He will give you on this journey until you reach that place of living from rest... His Rest. Enjoy it. May you grow by it, be encouraged by it, fall in love with Jesus more and more May your life reflect this amazing God, and His Powerful Word.

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ISBN: 9781649215437
ISBN-10: 1649215436
Publisher: 978-1-64921-543-7
Publication Date: May 17th, 2020
Pages: 392
Language: English