Trucks V: Trucks vs Boats: The Thunder Bay Rip Roar (Paperback)

Trucks V: Trucks vs Boats: The Thunder Bay Rip Roar By David E. Swarbrick, Bruce Moran (Illustrator) Cover Image
By David E. Swarbrick, Bruce Moran (Illustrator)
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After a long and cold winter, spring has finally arrived and the icy waters of the magnificent Great Lakes have started to thaw: the sounds of birds chirping, children playing and the smell of newly blooming flowers travels through the air all around, tickling eardrums and noses everywhere.

Across the land, snow slowly melts away with the warm touch of a new seasons sun, giving way to green grasses, growing leaves and long golden beaches of soft sand. Once the transition is complete, the dazzling days of summer soon slide in, the barbeque grills roll out, and that one special day in the world of Motorsports arrives

Once a year, Fast Boat and Fast Truck come to the grand Thunder Bay of Lake Huron for a completely unique, and totally exhilarating race From all over the planet, people of all ages travel to the pristine area to witness one mind blowing spectacle So, hold onto your seat's folks Because the wildest racing extravaganza is about to begin

Retrofitted with special wheels and tires, carefully placed in their pontoons, the hydroplane race boats for this event can dash fast on the water, and rip across the land at extraordinary speeds Totally unbelievable, huh ? Boats racing on liquid and Earth Whew And how about this? Special pontoons and water jets have been attached to the truck's frames and drivetrains by their teams so they too can blast on water and land Wow Are you getting excited? Man, I know I sure am Whew So, come on Hop inside and see who wins this one Whew Yeah

Let's go truck and boat racing on the bay, beach, islands, roads and grounds Right before your minds very eye; the trucks and boats are going to compete for The Thunder Bay Rip Roar trophy

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ISBN: 9781648830129
ISBN-10: 1648830129
Publisher: TotalRecall Press
Publication Date: August 16th, 2022
Pages: 80
Language: English