The Art of Magic (Hardcover)

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T. Nelson Downs-the "king of coins" was not only America's most popular and famous coin manipulator, but a talented magician specializing in sleight-of-hand involving objects as varied as cards, eggs, balls, and a host of other objects. This book is not written for the beginner in conjuring, but for the advanced amateur and the professional prestidigitator who seeks to improve their skill-level to that of master magician.

This book contains 125 spectacular tricks, effects and flourishes, the secrets of which, once mastered, will allow applications in modern surroundings only limited by the reader's imagination. Included in this volume are the author's own "Miser's Dream" routine refinements, the secret to his spectacular "wrist palm" and much, much more.

It is a classic work is a must-have for any serious magician.

This new edition has been hand-edited, completely reset, and contains all original 68 illustrations, digitally enhanced, enlarged, and reproduced to the highest quality modern standards.



Chapter I: Flourishes and Fancy Sleights with Cards

Chapter II: Card Tricks with Unprepared Cards and Not Requiring Sleight of Hand

Chapter III: Card Tricks Involving Sleight of Hand

Chapter IV: Sleight of Hand with Cards, Continued

Chapter V: Sleight of Hand with Cards (Continued)

Chapter VI: Card Tricks Based On A New and Original System of Locating A Chosen Card

Chapter VII: Clairvoyance with Cards

Chapter VIII: A Series of Card Tricks Based on a New and Original System

Chapter IX: The Rising Cards

Chapter X: The Four Ace Trick

Chapter XI: Card Tricks with Apparatus and In Combination with Other Objects

Chapter XII: Fancy Flourishes with Coins, Useful Sleights, and Additions to The Miser's Dream

Chapter XIII: Coin Tricks with and without Apparatus

Chapter XIV: A Coin Act and A Coin Ladder

Chapter XV: Tricks of The Trade

Chapter XVI: Tricks with Eggs

Chapter XVII: Tricks with Balls.

Chapter XVIII: Miscellaneous Tricks

Index of Tricks

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