Demon Games, Vol. 1: The Game of Man and Fallen Angels (Paperback)

Demon Games, Vol. 1: The Game of Man and Fallen Angels By Mallow Sheridan Cover Image


It is 2029, the the United Nations has assumed power of its 193 member nations. A controversial document, Thirteen Mandates for a United World, has been activated by the General Session and will govern the actions of all men in a matter of days. Though the media is expecting a time of peace and prosperity, man's darkest days are just beginning.The newly appointed U.S. Ambassador, Janet Jagger, and her assistant, Benjamin, know that the Thirteen Mandates are meant to imprison rather than liberate. What they do not know is Lucifer and Almighty are locked into a game of good and evil that has been playing out across the galaxy since the beginning of time.As Lucifer prepares to assume power, Almighty makes his final move to save the good people of Earth, sending a team of seven Millennials from Heaven to locate a historical artifact hidden in the tunnels beneath Jerusalem. The seven must retrieve the artifact before Lucifer and the demons came lay claim to it and expand her reign for a thousand years.

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ISBN: 9781646062003
ISBN-10: 1646062000
Publisher: Self Publisher
Publication Date: December 3rd, 2020
Pages: 278
Language: English