One-World Church Rising (Paperback)

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One-World Church Rising points a need for discernment among church attendees concerning church doctrines and teachings. There are seven simultaneous developments occurring on the contemporary religious scene that will make this a must-read book and a page-turner for every informed Christian.

First, careful examination of many of the Catholic Church teachings that have developed during the past 1,900 years do not square with Scripture. Second, there is the sudden increase in heretical teaching coming from the Vatican that has alienated many cardinals and bishops. Third is the widespread development of liberties theologians are taking to alter the interpretation of the Bible, to dilute its meaning, and to make it reflect what the theologian wants it to reflect. Some offer interpretations that are clearly condemned in the Bible. Fourth is an emerging acceptance of Catholic Church teachings among Protestants that they have been rejected since the Reformation. A number of Protestant preachers have aligned themselves with the Catholic Church, contradicting what they themselves have preached. Fifth, there is increasing emphasis being placed on the shared theological roots between Christians and Islam; all directed toward establishing a common ground between Christendom and Islam. Sixth are the soft solicitations of the Catholic Church to anti-Christian religions. Finally, and most importantly, is the apparent rise of a deity within the Catholic Church that would replace Christ as redeemer, advocate, and intercessor between God and man.

One of the most important trends in the past seventy years has been the evolution of greater emphasis on the Virgin Mary. A new Marian dogma appears to be developing in the Netherlands that may replace Christ as our redeemer, mediator, and advocate. Apart from the world's search from some mystical divine reality, there is powerful political motivation behind this development. Collectively, all of the above point to the emergence of a one-world church as predicted in Revelation 13:1-17.

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