The Art of Thai Massage: A Guide for Advanced Therapeutic Practice (Paperback)

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An illustrated guide to enrich and develop the practice of Thai massage

• Presents guidelines for effortless and effective practice, including body mechanics, breathing patterns, flowing movements, incremental pressure, and exercises to improve sensing and to strengthen intuition as you work

• Offers ways to refine and improve classic techniques that are often performed incorrectly, explains broad healing concepts behind individual techniques, and discusses the awareness and sensitivity with which they should be performed

• Answers common questions, clarifies misunderstandings, and presents ways to work with focused intention on a deeper level, and with more grace, ease, and efficiency

UNLIKE OTHER BOOKS ABOUT THAI MASSAGE, this guide offers a deep and insightful view of important and often neglected aspects of this work. Many of these concepts and techniques also apply to table massage, physical therapy, yoga, and other healing arts. This book guides the reader through the conceptual, spiritual, and practical approaches behind effective bodywork. An entire section is dedicated to awareness of breath for massage, movement, and everyday activities. Assessment guidelines help the therapist to work with others based on physical appearance, preexisting conditions, and elemental predisposition. Exercises are presented to sharpen sensing abilities and intuition, and to find, coax, and release blockages in the body. Twelve important Thai massage techniques that are often taught and performed incorrectly are described in great detail. Other chapters offer ways to create customized sequences of practice and to move from one technique to another with ease and grace. Finally, the chapter on medicinal herbs discusses the preparation, use, and benefits of herbal compresses, poultices, balms, oils, and baths, and it offers easy recipes for all of these therapies.

This manual contains information that has never been previously available in print. Full of exercises and insights to help therapists hone their bodywork skills, it reveals key principles that give way to effective treatment and explores traditional Thai massage with a special focus on intention, awareness, sensitivity, and spirituality.

About the Author

Bob Haddad is a Registered Thai Therapist, teacher and author who has studied and practiced traditional Thai massage since 1999. He is the founder and director of Thai Healing Alliance International, teaches workshops internationally, and has organized international conferences on Thai healing arts.

Praise For…

“This is a monumental contribution to the growing literature of traditional Thai massage and also to the entire field of therapeutic hands-on healing. Well-researched, clearly written, comprehensive, and thorough, this book is a must for all those with a serious interest in exploring and practicing traditional Thai healing arts. Bob Haddad’s depth of experience as a practitioner and teacher enriches and authenticates these pages.”
— RICHARD GOLD, Ph.D., L.Ac . , Pacific College of Health and Science, author of Thai Massage: A Tradi

“A groundbreaking and valuable guide for advanced bodywork therapists, filled with information that you won’t find anywhere--including body dynamics, client assessment, breath awareness, Thai herbal preparations, and other profound elemental teachings. This brilliant book will greatly heighten your work.”
— MICHAEL REED GACH, Ph.D. , Acupressure Training Circle, author of Acupressure’s Potent Points

“This book is a distillation of the author’s decades of dedication to traditional Thai massage, and it contains an enormous amount of experience and wisdom. Filled with engaging concepts and interesting research, The Art of Thai Massage expands our understanding of Thai massage and serves as a practical guide for all serious students and practitioners.”
— RALF MARZEN, director of the Mudita School of Thai Yoga Massage

“Most books on Thai massage are manuals with photographs and descriptions of techniques and sequences. In contrast, this important book teaches us invisible components of effective therapy, such as pure intention, assessment, individualized treatment strategies, using intuition, and how to listen to and follow the flow of energy. Undoubtedly, this book will be read with equal joy by beginners as well as experienced practitioners.”
— DAVOR HABER, Thai massage instructor and author of Thai Yoga Masaža

“This book is a must-read and an important contribution to the field of Thai healing arts. Bob Haddad brings clarity to the theories, principles, and practices of traditional Thai massage and presents a treasure trove of accurate and rarely discussed concepts. The book clears up misconceptions and brings greater focus and depth to the practice. I am delighted to share this work with my students.”
— REBECCA FARRAWAY, LMT, BCMT, founder and owner of Zion Massage College

The Art of Thai Massage offers a wealth of learning, knowledge, and practical experience to all practitioners of Thai massage. Bob Haddad clears away misunderstandings and illusions, brings a deep understanding of the tradition, and refines the application of techniques for practice. This book is a gift for our time.”
— HOWARD EVANS, author of A Myofascial Approach to Thai Massage

“This detailed and expansive book emerges naturally from the author’s many years of study, experience, and commitment. For advanced practitioners and for beginners, these pages offer important guidance and invaluable insights. I highly recommend it to all who love and practice the art of traditional Thai massage.”
— PAUL FOWLER, FMCHC, director of Blue Lotus Thai Healing Studies

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