CLIMATE CATASTROPHE! Science or Science Fiction? (Paperback)

CLIMATE CATASTROPHE! Science or Science Fiction? By Andy May Cover Image
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This book is dedicated to science. Scientists are skeptical, we ask: "Is that idea correct? How can I test it?" Then we resolve to gather and analyze data until we show it isn't or it might be. If we cannot disprove the idea, it survives. No true scientist "believes in science" because he knows science is a process, a process we use to uncover the truth. One cannot have faith in science, but one can believe in the scientific process or method.

In Climate Catastrophe Science or Science Fiction?, Andy lays out the scientific facts and torpedoes the false chants of the global warming hysteria mongers. As you read Andy's book, pay close attention to the graphs of technical and geopolitical data. Then ask the questions:

Why haven't I seen this data presented this way before?

Who is behind the science fiction of the adverse effects of CO2 and fossil fuel consumption?

What is their goal?

With Andy's book, you will draw your own conclusions and arrive at your own answers to these questions.

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ISBN: 9781642554434
ISBN-10: 164255443X
Publisher: Andy May Petrophysicist
Publication Date: January 1st, 2019
Pages: 308
Language: English