Give to Get to Give: Using Universal Principles to Create Your Investment Plan for Reliable Income (Hardcover)

Give to Get to Give: Using Universal Principles to Create Your Investment Plan for Reliable Income By Randy Dorcey Cover Image
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Give to Get to Give is a down-to-earth version of strategic investment counsel that stands in stark contrast to the advice many financial advisors offer. As Dr. Randolph Dorcey notes, there is a critical difference between advice and counsel. Advice is free and can be offered by anyone -- including those with ill intentions. But counsel comes from a place of wisdom and expertise. It's based on a proven track record of success and proper decision-making.

Using his patented humor and charm, Dorcey walks potential investors through steps they should take to increase their wealth for retirement. With a doctorate in communication, Dorcey helps clients understand the value and the benefits of a fully funded Living Trust. Through simple, straightforward language, he clearly defines why it is important for investors to leave an efficient legacy while maintaining privacy and control. His main goal is to make sure his readers are fully educated and informed on the need for estate planning. It's a process he has used with over 1,000 families as he has helped to prepare them for their financial future.

Give to Get to Give starts with a humorous story about some poor advice Randy received from his older brothers when he was just a kid. But then it quickly picks up steam and addresses the investment questions many are asking in the aftermath of the Covid Pandemic. Offering readers counsel that comes from over thirty years in the financial industry, Randy provides readers a clear roadmap for how they can properly invest for the future. He challenges them to remember that advice is cheap, and counsel is what matters. He reminds investors to earmark a percentage of their income that will go towards investment, and then stick with this process.

Perhaps most important, Randy tells readers to find a financial counselor that will actively manage their investment. This, he believes, is a much better alternative than riding the waves of one financial crisis to the next. Instead, he calls readers to be proactive and work with individuals who have their best interest at heart. Readers are instructed to grow their crops and not fear the complicated nature of investing. They should do all they can to "Slam Sam" by reducing the amount of money they pay to the government in taxes.

And when global catastrophes, such as pandemics, emerge, readers should stick with their game plan and work with a trusted financial advisor to actively navigate their path forward. Instead of just trusting "emperors with no clothes," Dorcey admonishes investors to never just take someone else's word and buy into the myth that it is acceptable to lose a large percentage of their investment when tough times hit. Instead, readers should work with people they trust and those that have a proven track record.

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Publication Date: October 24th, 2023
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