American Refugees: The Untold Story of the Mass Migration from Blue to Red States (Hardcover)

American Refugees: The Untold Story of the Mass Migration from Blue to Red States By Roger L. Simon Cover Image
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A net exodus of Americans from blue to red states has been in progress for several years now. This is largely a southbound movement, and perhaps some migrants are "running from the cold up in New England," as the song goes. But mostly they are leaving states that are too far gone into woke socialism to recover anytime soon--in favor of states with more conservative governance.

The conventional wisdom, or fear, among red state locals is that these newcomers, despite having "voted with their feet," will continue to vote for the same policies that ruined the states from which they are fleeing. Roger Simon argues that the reverse may be more accurate: blue-to-red migrants tend to be serious constitutional conservatives, and they might be the cavalry that rescues the red states from their own problems.
With the possible exception of Florida, the red states, too, are in trouble. Like California, long-term one-party rule has corrupted them, but in a different way. Their political leaders have become disconnected from the conservative values of their constituents. Migrants from blue states, however, are likely to be highly invested in saving the red states into which they are moving.American Refugees is the story of how a culture clash precipitated a great blue state exodus, and what it means for the rest of America. Focusing particularly on Tennessee, Simon contends that only the red states can preserve the constitutional republic envisioned by the Founders. Only they can save America for our children and grandchildren. The struggle will be great, but the story will ultimately have a happy ending.

About the Author

ROGER L. SIMON is the author of thirteen books, including the prize-winning Moses Wine detective series. He has also been a Hollywood screenwriter and is the author of seven feature films, including the adaptation of his own novel The Big Fix, starring Richard Dreyfuss, and the adaption of Isaac Bashevis Singer's Enemies, A Love Story, for which Simon was nominated for an Academy Award. As a journalist he is the co-founder of the pioneering opinion site PJ Media and is currently the editor-at-large of the Epoch Times for which he writes a column. Simon has also written for the New York Times, National Review, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, City Journal, and Real Clear Politics, among many others. He appears frequently on talk radio and cable news. He has been the president of PEN West and on the Board of Directors of the Writers Guild of America. For years a resident of Los Angeles, these days he lives in Nashville with his wife, screenwriter Sheryl Longin.

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