Rock n' Roll'n - The 50's and 60's (Paperback)

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By Jim Orr
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The 50's ushered in a period of major change. Crime was low, children played freely outside, Elvis was Rock n' Roll'n, a home cost $14,500, a car about $2,000. Teenagers were discovering the Rock n' Roll lifestyle spreading across the country including Motown and Rock n' Roll music, Doo-Wop, Teen dances, Going "Steady" with your girlfriend or boyfriend, Cruisn' on Friday and Saturday nights, Hang'n at the Drive-In Restaurant, American Bandstand Dancing Mania on TV, Classic Car Clubs, Drag racing with the boys, Twenty cent gas, Slick hairs do's..........and more

This "Autobiography" chronicles the lives of a boy and his friends growing up in the small San Francisco Bay Area town of Vallejo, California during the legendary 50's and 60's, experiencing everything unique about the fabulous Rock n' Roll culture sweeping across America.

Although the events in this story occurred in the Bay Area, the same Rock n' Roll frenzy was occurring all across America. The book will not only appeal to those who lived in California at the time, but to others all across the country who experienced that fabulous legendary era, awakening fond memories of bygone days. For those who weren't around during that period, the book will provide insight about how it was to live the "American Graffiti" lifestyle then....told by the author who experienced it all.

The story begins in the winter of 1944 as the boys parents give up everything in rural upstate New York and head to California for a piece of the American Dream. Westward Ho to the Promised Land of the Golden State

Step back in time. Discover what many consider to be the Best of times in America

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