Another Gospel?: A Lifelong Christian Seeks Truth in Response to Progressive Christianity (CD-Audio)

Another Gospel?: A Lifelong Christian Seeks Truth in Response to Progressive Christianity By Alisa Childers, Alisa Childers (Narrator) Cover Image
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Alisa Childers never thought she would question her Christian faith. She was raised in a Christian home, where she had seen her mom and dad feed the hungry, clothe the homeless, and love the outcast. She had witnessed God at work and then had dedicated her own life to leading worship, as part of the popular Christian band ZOEgirl. All that was deeply challenged when she met a progressive pastor, who called himself a hopeful agnostic.

Another Gospel? describes the intellectual journey Alisa took over several years as she wrestled with a series of questions that struck at the core of the Christian faith. After everything she had ever believed about God, Jesus, and the Bible had been picked apart, she found herself at the brink of despair . . . until God rescued her, helping her to rebuild her faith, one solid brick at a time.

In a culture of endless questions, you need solid answers. If you or someone you love has encountered the ideas of progressive Christianity and aren’t sure how to respond, Alisa’s journey will show you how to determine—and rest in—what’s unmistakably true.

About the Author

Alisa Childers is a wife, a mom, an author, a blogger, a speaker, and a worship leader. She was a member of the award-winning CCM recording group ZOEgirl. She is a popular speaker at apologetics and Christian worldview conferences, including the Reality conference. She has been published at the Gospel Coalition, Crosswalk, the Stream, For Every Mom, Decision magazine, and the Christian Post, and her blog post, "Girl, Wash Your Face? What Rachel Hollis Gets Right . . . and Wrong," received more than one million views. You can connect with Alisa online at

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ISBN: 9781640917941
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Publisher: Oasis Audio
Publication Date: September 14th, 2021
Language: English