Little Netra's 1st Visit to Ancient Monuments (Paperback)

Little Netra's 1st Visit to Ancient Monuments By Priyanka Saurabh Cover Image
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Netra is a brilliant girl, always curious to learn new things. From a very young age, she had travelled to quite a few places, which had made her a good observer. Her curiousness has surprised people many times but when curiosity got the better of her, it gave them anxious moments. When she came to know that her neighbour, Piu, whom she called 'Piu Tai', was going on a study tour conducted by the department of archaeology: a home of ancient settlements, little Netra, without getting her parents' or Piu's permission, boarded the vehicle and hid inside. Later, when everybody found her at the site, it was a shock. She was permitted to join the study tour after seeking her parents' permission via a video call by Dr. Ajoy. Everything was going smoothly when a small artefact captured little Netra's attention and made her curious. She picked it up to have a closer look, but little did she know that picking it up would reverse a boon.Years later, at the breakfast table, Netra's father was reminiscing about Netra's first visit to an ancient monument and how she, without taking anyone's permission, had joined the study tour. Netra did also time-travelled to that period. She had made a beautiful album of her wonderful memories by hand. Each photo in the album reminded her of the wonderful time she had spent with Piu and her family. Now that she is pursuing archaeology, an interest that was developed in her childhood, she learns about the next excavation season in the department of archaeology. She recollects some of the incidents. She rushes to her room, looking for an artefact she had preserved for years. As she looks at the artefact, she hears a whisper as a gust of wind blows: "Acceptance and correction are the keys. This is your only chance.

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ISBN: 9781638865308
ISBN-10: 1638865302
Publisher: Notion Press
Publication Date: April 28th, 2021
Pages: 102
Language: English