Buddhism for Teens: 50 Mindfulness Activities, Meditations, and Stories to Cultivate Calm and Awareness (Paperback)

Buddhism for Teens: 50 Mindfulness Activities, Meditations, and Stories to Cultivate Calm and Awareness By Candradasa Cover Image
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Help teens find their way to inner peace with Buddhist teachings

It's not always easy for teens to navigate their lives at home, at school, and with friends, but through Buddhist meditation and mindfulness practices they can discover a path to inner calm and awareness. Buddhism for Teens introduces curious teens to the Buddhist way of seeing things and helps them build their emotional strength, their sense of self, and their connection to the world around them.

What sets this Buddhism guide apart:
  • Learning through action—There's no long-winded introduction to Buddhism here; teens can jump straight into immersive stories and activities that will change the way they look at life.
  • Meditation made simple—Teens will find simple meditations to help them explore Buddhist concepts like joy, balance, and starting a new journey.
  • Buddhism for beginners—This book is designed to be friendly to young newcomers, meaning teens can read from cover to cover or just choose the sections that resonate with them the most.

Teens can experience the peace and balance of Buddhism with this enlightening guide made just for them.

About the Author

CANDRADASA (pronounced Chandra-dasa) is the director of Dharmachakra, a nonprofit providing free access to resources on Buddhism, meditation, mindfulness, and life. He lives in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, where he is a co-founder and teacher at the Portsmouth Buddhist Center. Learn more at Rascal.press.

Praise For…

"Buddhism for Teens is a modern, direct take on ancient practices. Stripping off the years of history and gloss, Candradasa goes to the heart of practical Buddhism for life, presenting the fundamentals of ethics, training, meditation, compassion, and loving kindness. Through graduated activities, think points, and traditional Buddhist stories, he offers useful tools to direct and support young adults. The past is respected, but the contemporary path is paramount: this is Buddhism as experience." —Nicolas Soames, founder of Dharma Audiobooks

"Buddhism for Teens is like having a wise, gentle, nonjudgmental elder guiding readers step by step from being trapped in circles of repetition to riding spirals of growth. In a way, going through this book is like going from kindergarten to a grad school of self-knowledge and compassion. The exercises and explanations are clear. The stories are beautiful. This book can be read and used as part of a larger curriculum or can be browsed. It can be studied in solitude, or with a class, or with family or friends. However it is encountered, by teens or by grown-up seekers, it will offer wisdom." —Alicia Ostriker, author of Waiting for the Light

"Candradasa invites us to approach Buddhist teachings in a way that is engaging, creative, and full of vitality. The imaginative recreation of classic Buddhist stories, along with practical guidance in meditation and projects of self-discovery, make the potentially complex world of Buddhist wisdom accessible and fun. Buddhism for Teens will inspire creative wisdom and contribute to the development of mindfulness and kindness in the teens who read this book. This title goes to the top of my list of book recommendations for parents and teens—an instant classic!" —Dh Suddhayu, director of Aryaloka Buddhist Retreat Center

"Reading Candradasa's book, I wished I had this kind of skillful resource when I was growing up and trying to make sense of myself and the world. Every teenager, whatever body or circumstance, could benefit. Fundamentally encouraging, it is a practical and creative guide for teenagers and those who live with them. Progressive meditations, stories, and reflections build up positive emotion and offer enormously wise ways of taking care of the world." —Dhammamegha, publishing director, Windhorse Publications and Buddhist practitioner

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ISBN: 9781638781103
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Publisher: Rockridge Press
Publication Date: February 22nd, 2022
Pages: 152
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