A Big Dick and Bald Head Ain't Worth the Hassle (Paperback)

A Big Dick and Bald Head Ain't Worth the Hassle By Sista E Cover Image
By Sista E
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Now, this book is not a man-hating, male-bashing, let's-talk-bad-about-men book. Instead, this book is about women owning their part in the hurt and breakdown of the relationship. Inside this book, you'll read stories about Sista E's life, love, and mistakes thereof. But also, sound advice for healing and better living. We can grow through what we are going through and heal at the same time.

Sista E is storyteller, evangelist, and certified life coach writing an inspirational self-help book for women. While reading this book, it is the hope that you will laugh, cry, and think. And in the end, you'll be motivated to move and heal. In this book, you'll find lessons learned and how to move from pain to purpose and you'll find true stories of the men Sista E's soul was drawn to because she never healed from the initial hurt. You'll see that a broken-smiled little girl turned into a chaotic, destructive, bitter, hateful, vengeful woman, grown by age and looks but still a little girl by action--yes, an angry woman. Many women go through life with unresolved hurt from previous relationships, whether from a relationship with your father or your mate. And we carry that hurt for many years after the incident. All women do, even the church-going women.

Many will be offended by the title. Oh, such vulgar language from a lady. I can hear my momma singing that song, "Girls can't do what the guys do and still be a lady." I say, "Okay, what should we say?" Because truly dick is slang for penis. And they both mean heartbreak--well, in this story anyway

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ISBN: 9781638601364
ISBN-10: 1638601364
Publisher: Fulton Books
Publication Date: July 28th, 2022
Pages: 238
Language: English