The Adultery Book (Paperback)

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Adultery is dangerous and destructive, which stems from a moment or moments of pleasure that draw you in physically and/or mentally.

A decision, one decision, led to multiple decisions that ultimately caused the destruction of my family. Now what is your marriage worth? What is your family worth? That's the question of thought among many that should have made me make the right decisions. I was misled by my reasoning and justification for my actions. I caused a storm around me. I got lost in my own ways, and I couldn't see the wrong I was doing. I couldn't see the damage I was causing that led to the destruction of my family. I was lost and didn't even know it until its' too late. Tangled in this web of adultery, feeling like there was no way to break free, I experienced unimaginable losses. The loss of your family can be painful, and the regret can be enough to break you down to stages of depression. So what is your marriage and family worth? Realize that there are some losses you take you can't get back. But God's mercy is life changing. Every day you wake up, that's God's mercy. He has given you another chance to make the right decisions and walk in righteousness. Don't take this mercy for granted because tomorrow is not promised, but his mercy renews every morning for your sake. Adultery is deceptive, and it destroys...

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ISBN: 9781636924953
ISBN-10: 1636924956
Publisher: Newman Springs Publishing, Inc.
Publication Date: May 16th, 2022
Pages: 40
Language: English