Taking Baghdad: Victory in Iraq With the US Marines (Hardcover)

Taking Baghdad: Victory in Iraq With the US Marines By Aaron Michael Grant Cover Image
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If you only read one book on the Iraq invasion THIS IS IT " -- Command Sergeant Major Dennis Woods, author of Black Flag Journals

TAKING BAGHDAD is one of the few histories of Operation Iraqi Freedom written by a Marine who actually served in the war. It covers the twenty-two-day push to Baghdad in 2003, which was was one of the most efficient conflicts in the annals of warfare. This book is for soldiers and civilians, for historians and the young who need to understand war. So much more than facts and figures, Taking Baghdad is a dynamic account of the real struggles of war. Corporal Grant illuminates success in Iraq for those who see Iraq for what it became afterward: a war in which America lost heart. Written on sand-covered pages during the invasion and after, the author guides us step by step on a journey through the desert, through war and peace.

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ISBN: 9781633937932
ISBN-10: 1633937933
Publisher: Koehler Books
Publication Date: March 20th, 2019
Pages: 218
Language: English