The Acts of the Apostles (Yesterday's Classics) (Paperback)

The Acts of the Apostles (Yesterday's Classics) By Knox Ellen M. Cover Image
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The Acts of the Apostles are so rich in variety and interest that they are more frequently studied in schools than any other book of the Bible. This guide leads the reader through the Acts as a whole, showing how the men who lived and walked with Jesus understood and applied the first principles of His teaching and acts to the religious and social problems of their day, while highlighting how these same leaders translated the teaching of Jesus, whether given in parable, paradox or precept, into the spirituality and earnest obedience of their own personal lives, a spirituality which found its natural outcome in the active missionary labour of a St. Peter and a St. Paul abroad, and the no less active though quieter service of a Lydia and a Dorcas at home.

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ISBN: 9781633341326
ISBN-10: 1633341321
Publisher: Yesterday's Classics
Publication Date: January 26th, 2021
Pages: 564
Language: English