Notes on Key (Hardcover)

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Notes on Key by Lawrence E. Anderson, Ph.D., is a masterwork of music education in a single volume. The breadth and depth of Dr. Anderson's knowledge about music is beyond impressive, and his passion for encouraging readers to explore and expand their own connection with the many dimensions of music is apparent in every chapter. From obscure African instruments to seemingly esoteric definitions of operatic nomenclature, Dr. Lawrence Anderson's direct style yet easy manner of sharing make learning about music an effortless, enriching experience. Said another way: Dr. Anderson is to music what Walt Disney is to film and fantasy. His book belongs in every music classroom and every home where there even the slightest appreciation of music.

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ISBN: 9781631320712
ISBN-10: 1631320718
Publisher: Alive Books
Publication Date: June 20th, 2019
Pages: 414
Language: English