The Last Shofar! (Paperback)

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Dark clouds of global turmoil are causing many to question if the end is near. The Last Shofar examines ancient biblical Feasts of the Lord that reveal God's timing for the Second Coming of Christ and how it all ends. Its message to the Church is clear-get ready The Last Shofar is a unique practical guide to prepare for the end times. Chapter-based questions help the reader and small groups engage critical themes. "Most highly recommended Devoutly honoring Scripture as the Word of God, meticulously researched in an area that has received scant attention from Biblical scholars, this book has the potential to dramatically enlighten prophecies of the end times." Larry H. Ellis, D.Div., formerly The Chaplain, United States Marine Corps "A vital contribution-The Last Shofar brings to the church a new understanding of God's plan for ushering in the Millennial Kingdom. Believers will do well to study this groundbreaking exposition of scriptural truth for guidance and encouragement as we prepare to meet our Lord in the air and abide with Him forever." Donald B. Benson, Ph.D., M.S., M.Div., Director-The Kingdom Curriculum Project "A wake-up call" to every believer The Last Shofar sounds a clarion call to the church at large to prepare-to make ourselves ready for the challenging days preceding our Savior's return. Lenard and Zoller succinctly set forth this urgent message applicable to every believer." Marilyn Lake Griffin, Director-Ministries of New Life Dr. Joseph Lenard and Donald Zoller have spent a lifetime studying, researching and teaching biblical themes that impact, encourage and build-up the body of Christ. The disciplines of their medical and scientific backgrounds contribute to careful investigation of biblical truth as seen in The Last Shofar Further information about the authors is found at the end of the book and on their website (

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ISBN: 9781628711080
ISBN-10: 1628711086
Publisher: Xulon Press
Publication Date: January 10th, 2014
Pages: 320
Language: English