Universal Method for Saxophone (Hardcover)

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Commonly referred to as "The Saxophone Bible," Paul DeVille's Universal Method for Saxophone is considered the trusted training method for aspiring and serious saxophone players. From how to play your first note to mastering advanced concert pieces, Universal Method for Saxophone offers exercises and advice for every stage of learning, making it both an excellent guide for the saxophonist's musical journey and an indispensable tool for instructors.

DeVille's work covers everything a dedicated saxophone student needs to learn to develop mastery. He explains the components of the instrument itself, tuning, tone production, fingering, breath control, playing low and high ranges, scales, intervals, and much more. As the accomplished saxophonist and author Sam Sadigursky wrote in his review of the top saxophone books of all time (in which he rated Universal Method for Saxophone the number one choice),

"If you look at the first 20 pages of this 320-page book, it appears to be for beginners, but it quickly moves into some of the best technical and musical workouts that exist in any book. There are etudes by countless composers, slow pieces to develop sound and phrasing, short technical exercises that target the thorny parts of the saxophone mechanism, classical arias, pieces in all twelve keys, and rhythmic and articulation exercises."

Universal Method for Saxophone has served generations of saxophone players-including some of the greats-well, and it will continue to be relied upon long into the future. Find out why it sets the standard for saxophone education.

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ISBN: 9781626541818
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Publisher: Allegro Editions
Publication Date: June 17th, 2015
Pages: 330
Language: English