Holy Water (Paperback)

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Countless graces flow from the use of Holy Water when you understand its role in God's plan of salvation, and how it brings new graces into your life.

In clear, convincing language, Father Theiler lays out for Christians countless surprising, but long-forgotten truths about Holy Water, and explains the interior acts and dispositions that are necessary for this blessed gift of God to have the sanctifying effect our Lord intends for you.

Read these pages attentively; consider them thoughtfully; incorporate their truths and suggestions into your daily spiritual life. In these pages, you'll also learn:

The time that God Himself commanded the use of Holy Water (Do you know where the Bible tells this story?)
Why God chose water as the means to impart so many blessings even before He created man and woman
What you should and should not expect from the graces conferred by Holy Water.

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ISBN: 9781622823390
ISBN-10: 1622823397
Publisher: Sophia Institute Press
Publication Date: July 12th, 2016
Language: English