The Great Work of the Flesh: Sexual Magic East and West (Paperback)

The Great Work of the Flesh: Sexual Magic East and West By Sarane Alexandrian Cover Image
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An inside look at sex magic in Eastern and Western Mystery traditions

• Details the sex magic practices of P. B. Randolph, Aleister Crowley, Austin Osman Spare, Julius Evola, and Maria de Naglowska

• Includes a complete overview of love magic in the Middle Ages, with accounts of the use of potions, powders, spells, and enchantments

• Explores sex magic techniques of the East, including Taoist sexual alchemy

Magic, almost in its entirety, is connected to sexuality. It is through the natural magic of love that sex magic operates, harnessing the forces that join lovers together. In this extensive study of sex magic in the Eastern and Western Mystery traditions, Sarane Alexandrian explains how there is a sex magic connected with every religion, spiritual belief system, and initiatory society.

Exploring sexual practices in folk magic, high magic, alchemy, and religion, the author begins with a complete overview of love magic in the Middle Ages, including accounts of the use of potions, powders, spells, and enchantments, and he reveals how these techniques related to the religious practices of the time. He introduces the Taoist sexual alchemy practices of Mantak Chia, the secret tantric practices of the Tibetan bons, sexual shiatsu, and a Vietnamese practice called “mouth moxa.”

Examining the sacred sexuality that arose in Western initiatory orders in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Alexandrian details the development of P. B. Randolph’s white sexual magic and the black sexual magic of Aleister Crowley, as well as explaining the practices of Austin Osman Spare, Julius Evola and the Ur Group, and Maria de Naglowska. He reveals the scientific principles underlying sex magic and how successful results are guaranteed by the influences of the heavenly bodies and the radiant powers of color, number, scents, and physical movements, which intensify the activity of the human bioelectric field. Alexandrian also details the tantra practices of Margot Anand, the sexual rituals of Wicca, and magical “sex aids,” including talismans and jewels.

Providing complete practical information, the author explains how, through sex magic, a couple can extract from each other what they are missing by way of virility and femininity, multiplying their energies tenfold and merging the carnal and spiritual worlds to experience transcendent adventures in the deepest depths of reality.

About the Author

Sarane Alexandrian was a member of the surrealist group in Paris in the years directly after World War II. He is the author of more than 60 books, including novels, a memoir, and studies of occultism, eroticism, and art. He died in Paris in 2009.

Praise For…

“A potent history of the mystical magical rituals that elevate sexuality into a transcendent experience heightening consciousness and alchemical evolution.”
— Brigitte Mars, author of The Sexual Herbal: Prescriptions for Enhancing Love and Passion

“The Great Work of the Flesh digs through the world’s cultures and long histories to reveal the erotic lore called ‘sex magic’ that constitutes serious possibilities for us all--far beyond the biologized eroticism of mere sex-drive scientific sexology. In taking these charms, incantations, rituals, herbs, potions, and meditations seriously, we can get glimpses that there are ever more erotic galaxies still out there to be fathomed and shared.”
— Stuart Sovatsky, PhD, author of Advanced Spiritual Intimacy and Words from the Soul

“Alexandrian’s study, which is well supported by striking examples, deserves our full attention, for it reveals an aspect of our humanity that is far too often concealed.”
— Claude Lecouteux, professor emeritus, Paris-Sorbonne, and author of The High Magic of Talismans and

“In moving away from the typical black magician perspective of eroticism and the occult, Sarane Alexandrian brings much needed clarity to the depths of sex magic. The Great Work of the Flesh has synthesized the history and methods of this ancient art like no other before it, where we enter a realm of orgasmic wonder. Translator Jon Graham has brilliantly brought Sarane Alexandrian’s work to life for the English world.”
— Jason Gregory, author of The Science and Practice of Humility

“This outstanding work by Sarane Alexandrian, one of the authors best qualified to write it, has now been skillfully and knowledgeably translated into English by Jon Graham, one of those most qualified to translate this work. Don’t miss it.”
— Donald Traxler, translator of The Inner Traditions Maria de Naglowska series

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