How to Hit a Golf Ball from Any Sort of Lie (Reprint Edition) (Paperback)

How to Hit a Golf Ball from Any Sort of Lie (Reprint Edition) By Sam Snead Cover Image
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Under what circumstances is it not advisable to use a wood club in the fairway? What can be done to lessen the effect of the wind upon your shots? Is it ever sensible to use a putter from the short fringe surrounding the green? Is there any difference in the way a driver and a brassie or spoon shot should be hit? What adjustment in stance should be made when playing a ball on a downhill lie? What is the difference between a pitch shot and a chip shot? Sam Snead answers these and a great many more questions in this book. It's easy reading, and is full of valuable stroke-saving information for all golfers, from the occasional weekenders to the advanced amateurs. It explains every type of shot, every kind of lie. No tiresome theory-no remaking of your swing. Just uncomplicated, easy-to-remember directions for choosing, and using, the right club for each situation. Here, concisely, is the way one of the greatest of all golfers plays the game.

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ISBN: 9781616462031
ISBN-10: 1616462035
Publisher: Coachwhip Publications
Publication Date: September 16th, 2013
Pages: 84
Language: English