A Walking Friendship: The First 500 Miles (Paperback)

A Walking Friendship: The First 500 Miles By Diane Kavanaugh-Black, Carole Fults Cover Image
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Years of walks in an upstate New York wildlife management area
inspired two writer-photographers to create this volume of poems,
essays, and nature images. Alternately meditative and humorous,
spiritual, and earthy, seasonal and timeless, this book by Diane
Kavanaugh-Black and Carole Fults illustrates the growing friendship
between two people and between themselves and the natural world.

The woods and paths at Partridge Run Wilderness Management Area in
Berne, New York, are a container for their friendship, and a place to
wrestle with internal struggles.

Yes, this book is about walking in the woods but is not a primer on
hiking or plant identification, not a physical wellness manual or
gut-wrenching memoir. Instead, in a shared meditation the authors take on
various questions of our modern fragmented lives:  How to slow the
hell down. How to be curious. How to watch when there seems nothing to see.

In the end, walking in the woods gives all of us lessons on how to
live wherever we are, how nature is in us and supports us while we
suffer and rejoice.

Join Carole and Diane as they encounter nature and report back on the
lush colors, funny conversations, a little high drama, internal
consternation, and revelations. You will not be disappointed.

About the Author

Coauthor Carole Fults creates ceramics and sculpts in wood when she's not communing with the snakes in her garden or the cows across the road. A Shamanic Practitioner and Reiki master, this year she has embarked on a master's degree in Indigenous Studies. She is a gardener, a wanderer, a lover of being lost in the questions as well as the woods. Her previous books of poetry include All the World Is An Asana (2016) and A Lineage of Dissimiliars (2020). She can be found at www.CaroleFults.com and on Facebook.

Coauthor Diane Kavanaugh-Black is a Nature and Forest Therapy Guide, leading mindful walks in upstate New York. A poet, photographer and memoirist, in her non hiking and writing time she works for a state agency and at a city library. After earning her degree in English Language and Literature from the University of Chicago, she worked in adult literacy, ran a massage therapy practice specializing in chronic pain, trained as a Kripalu yoga instructor, and worked as an independent tutor and editor for over thirty years.

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Publication Date: June 11th, 2021
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