Everything Changes: And That's OK (Hardcover)

Everything Changes: And That's OK By Carol Dodd, Erin Huybrechts (Illustrator) Cover Image
By Carol Dodd, Erin Huybrechts (Illustrator)
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Change is all around, but it can be overwhelming! Explore how change exists everywhere in a way that is natural, and even beautiful, in this vibrantly illustrated book with fun rhyming couplets, for children ages 3 to 7.

The moon is full, but then it’s gone,
chased away by the dawn.
Stars that shine all through the night
disappear in morning’s light.
Everything changes, night to day. 
Everything changes, and that’s OK. 
From an apple seed growing into a brilliant tree to a child watching a family member grow old, this book offers a thoughtful look at why change doesn’t always have to be negative and can instead be observed with appreciation. It poetically presents a story that prompts kids to recognize and adapt to the change they see in their daily lives. 

This beautiful exploration of impermanence is accompanied by vibrant illustrations that explore every corner of the world, from rolling fields in Tibet to the cozy, fireplace-lit living room of a family member's home. The illustrations remind children that everything changes no matter where you are, no matter who you are, and that's all right.

About the Author

CAROL DODD always wanted to grow up to be a writer of children’s books, and now she is one (although she's not entirely sure she has grown up). Over the years she has paid the rent by working in schools, libraries, bookstores, and gift shops. She lives in Hawai’i where she loves to watch fish in the ever-changing ocean.

ERIN HUYBRECHTS-DAVIS has been an artist her entire life. A wanderer, traveler, philosopher, and naturalist, Erin has a constant stream of new ideas for producing works of art.  Born in the Appalachian Mountains of Virginia and now residing in Colorado, the mountains and woods have served as a constant source of inspiration. The majority of Erin’s artworks contain elements of nature: animals, plants, weather, and ecosystems.

Praise For…

“The concept of impermanence is tenderly and cleverly explained in this lushly illustrated picture book.”—School Library Journal

Product Details
ISBN: 9781611809299
ISBN-10: 1611809290
Publisher: Bala Kids
Publication Date: October 25th, 2022
Pages: 32
Language: English