The Lotus of the Dragon (Paperback)

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An old soul, Aditi, who is coming-of-age in central India, is guided by her maternal grandmother and Aunt in mystical teachings of the divine heart. As realized Masters, her Nani and Auntie teach Aditi through their magic, assisting with her expansion inward where mythical figures, such as the dragon, are met. Unwilling to accept her father's demand to marry, Aditi leaves her village to live in the forest as a spiritual ascetic. Mythical figures continue to guide her, as well as the energies of nature that she merges with. The dragon, the gatekeeper to transcendence, awaits Aditi's ultimate test of readiness to transcend.

About the Author

Betsey Grobecker has had a life-long yearning to know a deeper truth to her existence that could not be found in the teachings of western science and Catholicism of her heritage. Leaving her cultural truths behind, Betsey explored Native American Shamanism, Peruvian Shamanism, Indian Vedanta, and New Energy Consciousness, while working closely with spiritual Masters of these traditions. Her passion is to share her insights of the perilous mythic journey within, where all is risked, to follow the calling of the divine heart and realize true magic.

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ISBN: 9781605714752
ISBN-10: 1605714755
Publisher: Shirespress
Publication Date: November 20th, 2020
Pages: 212
Language: English