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Indomitable Journey is Tim McGillicuddy’s fifth book of poetry with Northshire. He proposes that if you’ve forgotten your love of Nature, go to Alaska to watch the salmon run. If that doesn’t work—don’t come back.

In August, 2015 my son and I took a trip to Alaska to see the salmon run. The ecosystem of the Pacific Northwest exists because of the salmon’s journey. Each year billions of tons of nutrients and minerals are carried up rivers from the ocean and deposited in the soil when they spawn and die, and as they are eaten by insects, birds, and mammals. Their DNA, their struggle and spirit pervade every inch of organic life there, from the other animals to the sandy soils all the way up to the tops of trees. The same was once true in many northern climes on a different scale, and in places perhaps not too far from you.

About the Author

Tim McGillicuddy is a writer, performer and builder from New York.

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ISBN: 9781605714271
Publisher: ShiresPress
Publication Date: August 1st, 2018
Pages: 56