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Healing the Land with Tao (Paperback)

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Healing the Land with Tao: An Overture to North Americans, is the third title in a trilogy of writings that tell very different stories but are woven from the same threads. They belong together but can stand alone. Like New Wasichu, Crossing: Our Story is Just Beginning, and 13 Seeds: Health, Karma and Initiation, Healing the Land with Tao is much more than memoir. Lindorff is a storyteller. He is also a poet, veteran dream worker, shamanic practitioner and a deep intuitive thinker whose writing is thoughtful, reflective and powerfully metaphorical. He has a way of transforming the prima materia of his life-experience into a narrative that is both personal and timely. Healing the Land with Tao is the story of a place called Rocks and Trees, an intentional community in rural Vermont, with eighty acres of common land, where the author and a young man, a friend, are preparing a natural clearing in a pine forest for a sweat lodge. As they work, the land begins to share its own story, it’s own Dreaming. This is a book about the importance of learning how to ask the land what it wants from us. As he says in the Foreword, “I found myself in partnership with a place that was waking up and waking me up to the possibility of a collaborative kind of Dreaming.”

About the Author

Gary Lindorff lives in Vermont with his wife, Shirley, and their three cats. In his practice as Depth Counselor (MA), he specializes in dreamwork an shamanism. Author of "13 Seeds: Health, Karma, and Initiation and Children to the Mountain," as well as poet for the leftist journal, "thiscantbehappening.net," Gary enjoys making music, carving stones, and doing ritual on the land. glindorff@gmail.com

Praise For…

"This book is a real eye-opener, except most of us already have our eyes open. Unfortunately, we don't see what's hidden in plain sight. With this magnificent work, Gary Lindorff opens the gates to those riches. Vastly improved eyesight is guaranteed." -John Rachel, novelist and peace activist

"It is obvious that the narrative of this book is inspired by a great love and appreciation for the land the author has walked and communicated with for the past 20 some years. The everyday task of connecting and making sense of what has happened to the indigenous spirit of our sacred homeland is the prophetic cry of one who feels a profound need to wake us all up to the land and ourselves. It is a cry of faith, starting with the quiet proclamation that at the heart of the creation there is 'an eternal mystery which, ultimately, manifests as love-endless, ever-evolving love'"-Karen Majorowski, Mayan Day Keeper, avid pursuer of the bigger picture

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ISBN: 9781605714196
Publisher: ShiresPress
Publication Date: May 23rd, 2018
Pages: 132