Insects In A Landscape (Hardcover)

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When I first started writing Insects in a Landscape, I was thinking of the different parts of the world as we know it that insects live in. As events with insects came to mind, I began to see that I was finding them simply as personal experiences. Here was no grand scheme, most of it of our own designing, laid out like a jigsaw puzzle that simply needed putting together by me for you the reader. The result was a series of stories lifted more or less from the hands of the insects themselves and gathered into words and pages. So this book is basically a series of letters, written bit by bit as their world came to me, and hopefully now to you as a place you, too, can enter. With best wishes for a journey into fun, not too far from anyplace you are, Millard C. Davis Millard C. Davis is a graduate of Middlebury College (B.A., 1953, psychology), Cornell University (M.S., 1958, entomology), and The University of Wisconsin (M.S., 1970, Environmental Communication). He has taught the sciences and literature, been an editor with the National Science Teachers Association and Ranger Rick's Nature Magazine, and retired as an entomologist with the State of New Jersey. He has served as president of the American Nature Study Society and the Audubon New Jersey Wildlife Society and has published two books on natural history, The Near Woods (Knopf, 1974) and Natural Pathways of New Jersey (Plexus, 1997) plus a booklet How to Read the Natural Landscape in Forests and Fields (National Science Teachers Association, 1971).

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