Mexico City (Paperback)

Mexico City By Alejandro Rosas, Kevin Cuevas (Illustrator), Thomas McGowan Edwards (Translator) Cover Image
By Alejandro Rosas, Kevin Cuevas (Illustrator), Thomas McGowan Edwards (Translator)
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While the history of Mexico dates back thousands of years, the story of Mexico City, the country's capital, only dates to pre-Columbian times, with the founding of Tenochtitlan by the Mexica people in 1325. Tenochtitlan quickly became the most powerful city-state in the region, with a population of about two hundred thousand at its peak, and was known for its architectural and engineering feats.

Spanish conquistador Hern n Cort's arrived in 1521 and began a brutal campaign of colonial conquest. The city fell to Spanish rule, and much of it was destroyed alongside rich indigenous heritage. Cort's rebuilt the city, renaming it and making it the capital of New Spain. Under Spanish rule, Mexico City became one of the wealthiest and most important cities in the Americas and was a center of trade, culture, and political power. Many of its iconic buildings were constructed during this time, including the Cathedral of Mexico City and the National Palace. During the Mexican War of Independence, the city was captured in 1810 by rebel forces under Miguel Hidalgo but soon recaptured by the Spanish. After years of fighting, Mexico finally gained independence from Spain in 1821, and Mexico City became the capital of the new republic. In the decades that followed the city underwent rapid growth and modernization, with new neighborhoods, parks, and public buildings constructed.

Mexico City, a playfully illustrated history of the city since 1521, highlights the complex cultural and economic forces and conflicts that shaped this international metropolis, which today is home to more than 20 million people, as well as visitors and expats from around the world.

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