"Knot" Just Bookmarks (Paperback)

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A collection of 7 patterns that can be use as bookmarks, edgings or even bracelets. Some of the patterns use beads and/or chenille (pipe cleaners). Patterns are suitable to tatters on intermediate or advance levels. Some of the techniques used on the patterns are: Josephine knots and chains, pearl tatting, split rings and split chains.

About the Author

I learned to tat in 1990 from a Rumanian/Argentinean lady, member of IOLI's Puerto Rico chapter. First learned with my fingers, then with a shuttle and later I learned needle tatting. Although I know all the methods I prefer the use of a shuttle. When I moved to Georgia in 1998 I discovered the online tatting world and since then I've been participating of the Online Tatting class. Founded the 1st tatting group for Spanish-speaking tatters that now a day has over 4,000 members. I have been certified in Puerto Rico by the government as a Master Artisan and the PR Cultural Institute, been the only shuttle tatter in participate of events and selling tatting lace in a commercial way. I've been teaching privately, only and in Palmetto since 2003. In 2014 the government hosted a tatting course in the "Aprender para Conservar" program, which selects artisans that practice endangered arts to teach the art to new generations. Have several books self-published and I'm writing in Spanish the method I use to learn tatting using a shuttle. Website with blog and patterns: http: //needles-n-shuttles.com

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ISBN: 9781546802082
ISBN-10: 1546802088
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: February 1st, 2004
Pages: 26
Language: English