GENESIS in Cherokee: Syllabary Only (Paperback)

GENESIS in Cherokee: Syllabary Only By Brian Wilkes, Johannah Meeks Ries Cover Image
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This is the first book of the Old Testament, translated and published in 1854. Our large-print version here is a faithful digitization of the 1856 edition. The first portion of the Bible to be translated into Cherokee was the Gospel of John, Chapter 3, by John Arch in 1824. Since then, many portions of the Bible have been translated, by such scholars as Rev. Samuel Worcester, Elias Boudinot, George Lowery, David Brown, and in the 20th century by Jack and Anna Kilpatrick. The Cherokee Bible embodies the highest and most elegant version of the language, equivalent to the English of the King James Bible. The Cherokee Bible Project releases this edition in the prayerful hope that it encourages study and use of the Cherokee language.

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