Off-Grid Power: How To Make Solar Panels (Paperback)

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Off-Grid Power How To Make Solar Panels

Welcome to Off-Grid Power: How To Make Solar Panels, a book all about how to harness the power of the sun to fuel the electrical needs of the devices in your home. This is a short guide on how to take solar cells, even broken solar cells, and connect them together to make a solar panel that provides you with a lot of power. Done correctly, this can be a very inexpensive project when you compare it to purchasing one of the several models you find on the market and that's mainly to do with the broken solar panels being an option. Since factories break these panels all the time and so do other D.I.Y. lovers, you can find many of these on sale for very cheap.

In the first chapter we'll go over the most important part of this entire process, understanding what you're working with, such as:

  • Why you need charge controls and what can happen if you don't have the proper mathematics behind your electricity
  • How to determine the right resistors to have the protection you need from spiking energy
  • How to convert the numbers you have into the numbers you need to move forward in your project.

The second chapter covers how to make your solar panel so that you can upscale it to any size that you want. This is also where common practices are employed so that you have an easier time building your solar panel, which means you'll understand the purpose of a bus bar along with which sides you should and shouldn't connect.

The remaining chapters will cover such areas as:

  • Building two different types of containers and the risks of over building a container for more security
  • How to reduce the heat that makes its way into the container of your solar panel
  • How to finalize and finish your solar panel so that it can face up against weather erosion while taking minimal damage in most situations.

This book is all about how to start at having almost nothing and producing a solar panel that can charge anything in your house with a proper knowledge of the electricity behind the power so you can distribute it evenly.

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