Hygge: The Complete 3-Book Experience: The Danish Secret to a Happy Life (Paperback)

Hygge: The Complete 3-Book Experience: The Danish Secret to a Happy Life By Freja Petersen Cover Image
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Outside it snows, inside is laughter from friends and family, enjoying life together with a warm beverage, wrapped in warm blankets. Welcome to the popular Nordic concept of Hygge.

This 3-book bundle gives access to the full series on Hygge by artist and author Freja Petersen.

Simplify And Get Cosy
The Danish are the happiest people on the planet: and for a good reason. They know to curb the cold winter nights into a slow-paced season of togetherness. The Danish refer to this as 'hygge'. A word that does not have or even NEED a good translation, because everybody that encounters it will instantly fall in love with it.

Hygge means to live simple, and to put coziness before style. Get snug and grab yourself a blanket, pour a good cup of hot chocolate, and start reading this great introductory book on the Danish concept of 'hygge'.

What can I expect to read in this 3-book bundle?
  • A Complete Introduction to the Danish Concept of Hygge
  • Step-By-Step how you can implement Hygge into your daily life
  • The Origins of Danish Happiness & Why this will Help You
  • Transforming your home into a place of happiness & comfort
  • Mindful Living and Why its Relevant to Hygge
  • Keeping Life Simple with Hygge
  • How to Make Relationships Better with Hygge
  • Improving Your Experiences & Overall Feeling Of Well-Being
  • Cosy Living - Improving Your Personal Comfort
  • How to be Hygge All Year Round
  • Efficient and low-cost Hygge life
And much, much more

Hygge & Happiness
Hygge surpasses all gloom and doom, whittles away the seasonal sadness that can accompany the blanket of cold that envelops not only our countryside and landscapes, but also our hearts. For some, dreary months seem to become endless and some weather even feeling relentless. Some may even put off going out at all and hermit away the winter months. What a waste of life With hygge there is much life to have in any season and in any month.

Go learn about hygge, I will promise you it will make your life better

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Hav det godt

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