120 Hot Chocolate Recipes (Paperback)

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Everyone loves a steaming mug of hot cocoa With this fantastic collection of 120 Hot Chocolate Recipes from home and around the globe, you're sure to find a recipe to warm you inside and out.

These aren't just your grandma's hot cocoa recipes. Everyone's favorite comfort beverage, hot chocolate, is as varied as the nations in which it's found. There are even some new twists to the traditional winter hot drink - you'll find frozen hot chocolate and alcohol-laced versions. Variations like:

Caramel Hot Chocolate
Belgian Hot Cocoa
World's Best Hot Chocolate
Butterscotch Hot Chocolate
Crockpot Peppermint Hot Chocolate
Pumpkin Whipped Cream

Along with all the traditional variations and the modern twists, you'll take your hot cocoa sipping to the next level with unique spices and flavor add-ons. With 120 hot chocolate and whipped cream recipes to try out, you'll never hear a grumble when you ask if everyone is ready for a cup of hot chocolate

Buy 120 Hot Chocolate Recipes today and add a little fun to cold winter days

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