Geoengineering not Chemtrails Book II: Investigations Into Humanities 6th Great Extinction (Paperback)

Geoengineering not Chemtrails Book II: Investigations Into Humanities 6th Great Extinction By James W. Lee Cover Image
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There is no other book in the public marketplace today that covers the deeper, occulted aspects of geoengineering also known as "chemtrails".This book, Book II of the trilogy, "Geoengineering not Chemtrails", delves much more deeply into the research and technology behind aerosol spraying, geoengineering and weather modification.For over four decades collective governments, military and private corporate partners, have been greatly modifying weather world-wide through the aerosol spraying of our skies with toxic chemicals that include, but not limited to, aluminum, barium, strontium, lithium, formaldehyde as well as technologically engineered nano particulate matters delivered in "Smart Dust". These Geoengineering practices are occurring around the world on a regular basis without disclosure, without oversight, or without the knowledge of the general public at large.Our only Earth is warming faster than at any time in recent history due not only to Man's anthropogenic polluting. Since science has been able to successfully modify weather for decades government scientists are trying desperately to cool down the Arctic region that is due to be ice free by the end of 2016.As the snow melts from the Arctic tundra, huge pools of highly toxic methane gas is being released that is 200X more potent than CO2 that is causing a much accelerated greenhouse effect over the entire Earth.Unfortunately for all life that depends on Earths resources, the geoengineering technology being applied has only made things worse for all.This is the first ever book to disclose these Geoengineering practices, the who, what, how and why's, the different practices used for geoengineering that not only includes being able to modify weather at will, create earthquakes, steer hurricanes but also for mind control through frequency modulation, HAARP, super computers, smart dust and artificially created ionospheres in the sky.Book III covers these aspects of mind control subtitled "Touchless Torture, Target Humanity" and will be released in the Fall of 2016.

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