Relaxation: 50 Unique Mandalas for Mindful Meditation (an Intricate Adult Coloring Book, Volume 5) (Paperback)

Relaxation: 50 Unique Mandalas for Mindful Meditation (an Intricate Adult Coloring Book, Volume 5) By Talia Knight Cover Image
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  • Experience yoga for your mind with 50 unique, beautiful, and intricate mandala coloring designs.
  • Enhance your creativity and increase your relaxation as you mindfully color these mandala coloring pages.
  • A mandala for every mood - pick from a variety of difficulty levels, from medium to intricate and complex.
  • Focus on the art of coloring with clean, crisp lines in every drawing on a bright, white background. No pixelation
  • Bonus - get a FREE, downloadable PDF of all 50 mandalas. These high-quality, free printable coloring pages allow you the ultimate control over your paper quality.
  • Single-sided coloring pages - these one-sided adult coloring pages have one picture printed on each piece of paper.
  • Easy to use - the inside margin of this adult coloring book is large enough to allow you to easily finish coloring the mandala. You can cut out your masterpiece if you don't want to use the free printable coloring pages from the downloadable PDF.
Get ready to relieve stress and get creative.

When your mind is racing and your body overflows with stress, grab your favorite coloring medium and this book. Spend a few minutes adding color to these mandalas to color your way to peace and relaxation. Coloring when it's used as an active form of meditation can help you achieve mindfulness, experience flow, find greater balance and calm in your life, replace negative thoughts with positive, reduce anxiety, and de-stress. Coloring is yoga for the mind.

How is coloring like yoga for the mind?

How can coloring exercise and strengthen your mind? While at the same time lowering your stress and anxiety? The answer is both simple and complex. The simple answer is that the brain is an amazing thing. Like exercising any other part of the body, when we exercise the part of the brain that helps us relax and calm down, that part of the brain (the prefrontal cortex) gets stronger. The amazing thing is when we make our prefrontal cortex stronger, the fear and anxiety part of our brain (the amygdala) gets weaker. That's why mindful coloring can have so many great benefits for our bodies. This takes regular, daily time and effort, just like any other exercise. But at least this kind of exercise is fun

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If you want unique mandalas to color that you can't find anywhere else, then buy Relaxation: 50 Mandalas for Mindful Meditation today.

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